Who We Are

Pivot isn’t just our name; it’s what we do.

We understand that your needs are diverse and that coordinating, trusting, and expecting consistent results from more than one company can be nearly impossible. That’s why Pivot Companies has created a team of expertly skilled individuals who are dedicated to meeting your various needs and providing high-quality results, all under one roof.

Pivot Companies is a collaboration between painter, Zach Warne, real estate broker, Mike Hanten, and a highly skilled team. Wanting to provide a more full-spectrum service to Sioux Falls, the two combined their proficiencies to offer incredible quality in water restoration, painting and millwork, epoxy flooring, and real estate. Along with their experienced team, Warne and Hanten have built a transformative small business that pivots to meet the varied needs of their clients through exceptional experiences and unmatched value.

Whether residential or commercial, project or purchase, Pivot Companies is there to provide an incredible level of service wherever and whenever you need it. It’s what we do.

Our Staff

Zach Warne


Mike Hanten


Mitch Warne

Project Manager

Ben Bender

Project Manager

Clint DenBoer

Project Manager

Kenny Warne

Painter & Laborer

Garrett Lawson

Painter & Laborer

Bryce Haflett

Project Manager

John Wubben

Project Manager

Responsible Team

Our team of experts take care in every job they do, because we understand the importance of maintaining a clean & manageable workspace in your home.

Experienced Professionals

With over a decade in painting and millwork experience, Zach has tackled all kinds of various projects and takes pride in his work. Quality is key at Pivot.

Satisfied Clients

We do no cost, no obligation estimates so you know what you’re spending. We will answer all questions and put a plan together that fits your schedule.

What Our Clients Say